Sweet Choice Guide

Welcome to The Sweet Choice Guide, the place to be for all sort of sweetie fun facts, history and recommendations. Here you can learn lots of fascinating and educational information about those delightful foods that stimulate our sweet tooth. Sweets have changed a lot over the years but they remain one of the most irresistible edible substances around.

From chocolate to jelly babies sweets cover a very wide spectrum and appeal to so many of us for different reasons. Some sweets like chocolate have even been known to carry medicinal properties or act as a stimulant, much like caffeine. The sugar levels present in most sweets certainly can influence your mood and energy levels, making you feel good when you eat them. Sweets are a large family with many different variations and these different foods can even hold certain connotations in our culture. Sweets can mean luxury, romance, childishness, mess, fun, colour, prestige, cheap, even gourmet, all depending on the types of sweets.

Sweets and their inherent ingredients can also be used for cooking both desserts and savoury flavours, for example caramel and chocolate. With their bright colours and interesting composition some people even use sweets for creating works of edible art. The possibilities for fun are endless when it comes to sweets and there are many fascinating facts and origin stories to learn. That is why we are your ultimate guide to all things sweetie related.

If you are looking to discover more about sweets, including traditional British sweets, yummy American Candy, old fashioned, retro sweets or even wholesale sweets you will find everything you need to know at the Sweet Choice Guide. If you are a sweet shop owner you need to know the best fun facts, history of your trade and where to source great wholesale sweets to make your business a success. Browse the Sweet Choice Guide and have fun.